About I am the Omega

I am the Omega (Omega) is a World of Warcraft (WoW) guild playing on the Shandris/Bronzebeard merged realm cluster. Omega is an Alliance raiding guild which provides an atmosphere of maturity, commitment, and excellence without making raiding a full-time job.

The hardcore aspect of Omega raiding lays within the expectation that all players will understand their class/role fully and excel at the game. The raids will not settle for stagnant progress, and players are to commit to their raid's schedule. The guild accepts only max-level candidates who can display beforehand that they bear most of the qualities we are looking for in a raider. If they are unable to prove that, and the rest, over a few weeks of trial, they will not be accepted into the guild as a raider. Raiders who are unable to continue active raiding for an extended period must bow out and be replaced.

The more casual aspect of Omega is that the raid schedule allots only 2-3 days of raiding per week for a few hours at a time. Also, while the guild demands raid progression, players can rest assured that their fellow raiders (and leaders) will not scream and yell in vent over wipes. Members are generally expected to behave in a mature, adult manner (both publicly and privately).

Omega's looting system is simple and does not utilize any sort of seniority, rank privilege, or monetary (DKP, etc) methods. All raiders who have spent at least a few weeks proving that they are committed and skilled stand on even ground in virtually all aspects of looting with everyone else (Legendaries would be the best example of an exception to this). Loot is meant to be handled quickly, fairly, and to preserve the raid's ability to progress through game content.

Omega focuses on normal and heroic cross-realm raiding. The Raid Leaders retain and recruit raiders largely on their own degree of need, although the Officer Corps and Guildmaster are active in working with the Raid Leaders in this capacity.

The raid team is never tailored to handle specific boss fights (outside of the existing players going offspec), and the same group of players (and their raid-main characters) have to figure out each boss fight on its own week to week. No one 'rides the bench'. This also plays into the enigma between our hardcore side and our casual side as a guild.

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